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History - Last Chance Audubon SocietySharp-shinned Hawk

On January 19, 1971, a group of Helena birdwatchers gathered to organize a local Audubon chapter, led by Vince Yannone (who became the chapter's first president), Sid Martin, Bob Cooney, and Virginia Bompart. The next month the following officers were put forward: President, Vince Yannoe, Vice President, Phil Schlamp, Secretary, Lorelei Saxby, Treasurer, Geri Brusset. The Board of Directors included Virginia Bompart, George Holton, Ron Keim, Sid Martin, and Bob Miller. In those early days the officers pledged to hold monthly meetings between September to May; to organize field trips; to conduct a Christmas bird count; to educate the public on the need to protect wild birds, animals, trees and other plants and to promote a better public understanding of the inter-dependence of these natural resources.

For the past forty six years Last Chance Audubon has been faithful to this original pledge and has grown from a fledgling group of about forty members to a thriving organization of over 375 members. Last Chance Audubon publishes a monthly newsletter, holds an annual Natural History Lecture Series in March, offers beginning birding classes, sponsors a number of area field trips in May-June, offers annual Habitat Protection grants to local groups, and actively participates in the annual December Christmas bird count.

If you are interested in learning more about birds, natural history, conservation and citizen science, please join LCAS! We need you! See membership sign-up on this website.